How to Find Affordable Student Apartments

How to Find Affordable Student Apartments

Students often need to find affordable housing to reduce commuting costs when in College Station, Texas.  Room and board is often too expensive.  That leaves off-site apartments or shared housing.  Before you begin your search, there are specific things you should know about renting student apartments.

State Landlord-Tenant Laws

These laws can vary greatly by state.  So if you are going to school in a state that is not your native home base, then you want to brush up on these laws so you know what to expect.  It is essential you understand your rights as an applicant and a tenant in College Station, Texas.  When you complete a rental application, the landlord will likely conduct a background and credit check on you.  You will be asked to provide contact information for past landlords and nonrelated individuals who can vouch for your reliability. 

You should also check out the landlord to see if there have been complaints filed against them for not making repairs or keeping security deposits. You can learn about nearly anyone by checking online complaint sites. Never take complaints as absolute truth, but use them to help paint a picture of a prospective landlord. Proper due diligence is required from both parties for a satisfactory landlord-tenant relationship in College Station, Texas.

Breaking Leases

It is not uncommon for tenants to need to break leases. But as a legally binding document, there are ramifications to breaking your lease.  Student apartments are often the most turned-over units for landlords.  Students drop out of college and return home.  Or they graduate and relocate for a full-time job.  Instead of suffering the financial penalties of breaking your lease, some landlords will work with you by allowing you to find another student to rent the unit. That student will still have to complete an application and background check.  But as long as they are approved, they can move in when you move out so the landlord does not lose money.  You can even willingly give up your security deposit for the hassle you are causing your landlord. 

Ideally, if you know you will not be able to fulfill the term of your lease, you entered into a short-term rental agreement instead.  After you have been in your unit for one year, you can easily switch to month-to-month leasing so you do not actually end up breaking your lease while in College Station, Texas.  The point is to do as much planning in advance as possible, but if you still need to break your lease do so in a way that does not leave your landlord out of money.

Privacy Issues

Student apartments can be quite busy places, especially if you are sharing an apartment with other students.  For added privacy and security, it is recommended you rent a PO Box for your mail.  It is an inexpensive way to keep your information safe.  And if you expect to move in the near future, you can retain the PO Box as your permanent address.

Living in student apartments does not have to be a horrible experience in College Station, Texas.  You can have a safe place to stay that is close to school and affordable. Landlords who rent to students know that flexibility is required, and they can help students make the transition to apartment living.

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