Steps to Successfully Move Into Your Apartment

Steps to Successfully Move into Your Apartment

Now that you have signed the lease and paid your first month’s rent, you are ready to settle into your new apartment in Brazos Valley. It is hard to resist the temptation of heading to the nearest mall and shopping for everything you could possibly need for your apartment, but resist you must.  You have other priorities that have to be met before you can start making your apartment livable.  Use the following steps to settle into your apartment:

Step #1 – Contact Utility Companies

Your lease will have specified who is responsible for utilities.  In most cases, it will be you.  So you should have a list of utilities you need to have turned on in your name.  Call each Brazos Valley company individually and have an account setup.  Make note of the date your service begins. Typical utilities include water, gas, and electricity.  Ask about any budget options. Utility budgets are not reduced rates but an opportunity to pay the same amount every month which can help you manage your budget.  Decide if you want to pay for cable or just Internet.  The more utilities you have, the more costs you have to pay every month.

Step #2 – Establish a Budget

It will not take you long to spend all of your income on your Brazos Valley apartment.  To avoid this financial disaster, create a budget that includes all of your apartment and personal expenses.  You should have a sense of what your monthly costs will be once you have your utilities turned on.  If you are not able to get on a budget plan for electric or gas, double the average costs for those during the months you will be using air conditioning and heat.  This way you never risk having your utilities shut off for nonpayment.  Most leases include a clause stating you can be evicted if you do not fulfill all of your financial obligations associated with the apartment. Once your budget is established, stick to it!

Step #3 – Identify What You Need for Your Apartment

Start with needs and build to wants. Obviously one of your first purchases will need to be groceries.  Hopefully you rented a place that included kitchen appliances.  If not, those will have to be purchased before you can get groceries.  And appliances are not cheap!  Also, based on your apartment floor plan, think about the large items you might need and try to purchase them first.  A bed frame takes up a lot of room.  It should be installed before you try to place anything else in the bedroom.

Step #4 – Take Time to Furnish Your Apartment

Use the apartment floor plan as your guide.  Start with the front rooms since those are the ones your guests will see first.  Instead of buying everything brand new, look for second hand options.  You can find great deals on tables and chairs.  Until you have more money, never pay full price for anything.  So if you want a new couch, wait until it goes on sale.  Take several months to fully furnish your apartment.  Always consider your apartment floor plan when buying furnishings and other items for your apartment.  Avoid purchasing large items if you are renting a small apartment.

By following these steps and using your Brazos Valley apartment floor plan, you can successfully move into your apartment even if it takes several months for it to be fully furnished.  Focus on essentials before buying extras.  You cannot go wrong with this approach!

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