Common Rental Definitions

Common Rental Definitions

When you are thinking about renting an apartment in College Station, Texas, it is a good idea to spend some time learning common words used by apartment owners.  You need to know if an apartment sublease is appropriate for you or if you should stick with a direct rental agreement.  Going with an apartment sublease arrangement requires specific knowledge on your part to make sure you are protected.

Following are several of most common definitions you need to know if you are considering subleasing in College Station, Texas.

Alcove – a separate space usually in the front area of an apartment that may be appropriate for an extra bedroom.

Apartment – a space you rent in an apartment complex or private home. It has a private entrance and involves a contract between you and the landlord.

Condominium – an apartment that is owned rather than leased.  It usually includes a certain percentage of the building’s common space.

Convertible – an apartment with additional space that can be used as a bedroom.  The extra space may be an alcove or general room.

Co-operative – an apartment building that is owned by a cooperative corporation for the purpose of issuing stock shares to apartment dwellers.  Instead of owning the apartment, you own a share in the cooperation.

Duplex – a house that is rented out as two side-by-side units or two single floor apartments, one upstairs and one downstairs.

Elevator Buildings – an apartment building that has no more than 12 floors.  These buildings include a video and intercom security system.

Furnished Unit – an apartment already furnished.

Loft – a large open space that is used as an apartment.  These are usually converted from commercial space like warehouses.

One-Bedroom – an apartment that typically includes four rooms.  The basic floor plan includes a bedroom, bathroom, general living space, and kitchen.

Rental Lease – an agreement that describes the relationship between tenant and landlord. It states the rights and responsibilities of each party.  And it includes the term, costs, and conditions of the agreement between the two parties.

Studio – a single-room apartment that may have a bathroom.  Some studios also have a kitchen.  This is often one of the least expensive rental options available.

Sublease – assuming responsibility for an apartment lease.  The sublease is between the current tenant and you.  Both parties have specific responsibilities under the sublease agreement.

Townhouse – a shorter apartment building that is constructed in a style reminiscent of the housing at the turn of the 20th century.  Townhouses are often split into several individual apartments.

Two-Bedroom – an apartment with anywhere between 4 and 6 rooms.  In addition to two bedrooms, there will likely be two bathrooms, a kitchen and one or two living areas.

Walk-Up – an apartment in a multi-story building that requires tenants to use stairs to access units.

These are just some of your apartment sublease options in College Station, Texas.  Before you actually sign an apartment sublease agreement, verify that the person you are entering into the agreement with has the authority to sublease the apartment to you.  An invalid agreement can cause you a big hassle and land you out on the street in College Station, Texas.

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