Guidelines for Apartment Fixes

Guidelines for Apartment Fixes

The first time you rent an apartment in College Station, Texas, it can be confusing trying to figure out who is responsible for apartment fixes.  The lease may not provide clarification because specific examples are not included. This issue is important because it has direct bearing on your rights as a tenant.  Part of the rent you pay is intended to cover certain repair and maintenance costs.

Landlord Responsibility

Your College Station, Texas landlord is required to keep all apartments in compliance with all local building codes that pertain to health and safety of tenants.  This includes making sure tenants always have sufficient running water, heat, and electricity.  All plumbing must work properly ,and a smoke detector as well as sufficient ventilation is required in each apartment.  

If your apartment came furnished with appliances, it is your landlord’s responsibility to keep them in good working order at all times.  Your landlord may even assume apartment fixes that are not included in the lease if it is safer or if tenants are willing to pay to have a maintenance worker make a repair that is the tenant’s responsibility.  For example, ceiling light bulbs are generally not the landlord’s responsibility but most tenants do not have easy access to a ladder to make the change.  You can purchase the light bulb and your landlord will make sure it is replaced.

Tenant Responsibility

Your responsibilities include taking care of your apartment and making sure it is clean at all times.  You need to avoid keeping trash in your apartment.  Discard food in a manner that will not attract pests like cockroaches or mice. You should not be doing anything that is unsafe in your apartment.  This includes using multiple connecting electrical cords for a lamp or other electrical item.  You are also responsibility for keep the flooring and walls in the same condition they were in when you first rented the unit.

If your College Station, Texas landlord does not follow through with his responsibility to keep your apartment in functional and livable condition, you can be confident that you are protected under the Warranty of Habitability. When landlords do not make certain apartment fixes that are required by the lease or local building codes, then you can pay your monthly rent to the local housing court until the repairs are made.

Steps to Follow                                                                                           

Always let your landlord know that there is a specific problem that needs to be addressed.  You can stop in the manager’s office or submit a written notice detailing the issue.  Do not assume they will know about the problem if you do not tell them. Be sure to make a note of the date of your communication.  If you are submitting a written notice, write the date directly on it and make a copy for your records.

When the repairs are not made after a reasonable period of time, you have the right to call your local office of code enforcement and inform them about the issue and that it has not been resolved by your landlord.  You will have to continue paying rent to the landlord until an official complaint can be filed with the housing court. But often an inspection by a local code enforcer can get things moving for you.

It is common to need apartment fixes every now and then in College Station, Texas.  Knowing who is responsible can save you time and money ,and being able to address landlord deficiencies is essential to protecting your rights as a tenant. 

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