Apartment Living Myths

Apartment Living Myths

Renting/leasing an apartment is not an easy job, but settling into your new apartment can be even more difficult. Here are some points that should be known and considered before taking any further steps.

 This article will go over the commonly known apartment living myths.

One of the myths associated with apartment living is that the crime rate in apartments is relatively greater. This is a common misconception and is not backed by authenticated facts. The truth is that apartment living is actually safer, and there is less of a chance that your personal safety will be threatened. Statistically criminal activity is relatively low, so security forces are less needed near apartments.

It is generally believed that apartments are so cheap and conveniently available that they are bound to be built with very low quality material and are poorly maintained. This is a false statement however, and is just a myth.  The truth is that many apartments in the Bryan College Station area are highly sophisticated and made with the perfect building standards kept in mind, which is an important thing to notice.

You need to make sure that your roommate is acting responsibly enough to pay the rent, because you can also suffer from the loss. Do not ignore irresponsible and risky actions by a roommate because you can be held accountable.  Most importantly, a landlord cannot lock you outside your apartment if you do not pay the rent or for some other reason. If the landlord does not want to continue with the contract, then they would probably visit a court before taking the law into their own hands.

A landlord cannot enter into your apartment anytime they want, and must give you a prior notice before entering your apartment. This is usually stated in the contract, so it is not true that landlords can come and knock at your doorstep anytime they want.

It is also often believed that most of the traffic problems are caused by apartments situated in commercial areas, this is not true. This is just a myth, because apartments actually tend to cause LESS traffic, especially in College Station. Apartment tenants are more likely to take public transport rather than own their own vehicles, and thus cause less traffic.

It is a common misconception that if anything breaks or gets damaged the landlord is obligated to pay damages and repair costs as it is permanently part of the apartment. However, this is not true because the tenants are usually liable for such damages.  These conditions are stated in the contract between the landlord and the tenant. The landlords however are responsible for the general maintenance of the apartment.

When looking for an apartment in Bryan or College Station make sure you consider all the pros and cons and do research to decide whether an apartment would suit you or not. Look for multiple sources information that is based on facts not myths.

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