Apartment Leasing Guide

Apartment Leasing Guide

Whenever you start looking for a new accommodation in College Station, make sure to do your research; list all the pros and cons and then decide how you are going to find the right kind place based on your requirements. Leasing an apartment is not an easy task.   

Signing a lease is one of the most important adult commitments that you may come across. It is a very complicated task and needs to be dealt with effectively and maturely.

A lease is a written contract between a property owner and a renter. It’s a legally binding agreement between you and the landlord (you have some rights, and the landlord has some rights as well) and if either party defaults, it can lead to serious consequences. Here is some information/points on lease agreements that can help you out.

The lease agreement needs to state the number of parties/ adults/ individuals who will be staying at the new apartment. The information provided should be up to date and very authentic otherwise bad things can happen later on. The lease agreement will also contain the new address.

The lease agreement will also state the security deposit. This refers to an amount that you might have to deposit to the landlord so that this money can be used if you default from your side in anything regarding the apartment. If no damages are made to the apartment and the security deposit is not used, then it will be refunded at the end of the lease agreement.

The terms of agreement also includes the maturity date of the contract. Whether it’s for a month, two months or even a year or more, the contract or the lease agreement has to state the maturity period.

Information is also disclosed and rules are made about the late rent fees submission. It entirely depends upon the lease agreement which can be different for different houses.

Most importantly, the utilities that will be given in the new apartment will also be mentioned in the lease agreement. This is usually done to avoid any misunderstandings later on. Information regarding pets is also given. Many landlords do not like the fact that people keep pets inside the apartment, and problems can arise incase if the tenant refuses to follow this condition.

Similarly, all other questions that a tenant might have such as smoking in the apartment may also be mentioned in the lease agreement. It can also state whether the apartment can be further rented out by the tenant to a third party.

Finally the lease agreement will state whether the maintenance, repairs and other costs are to be borne by the tenant or the landlord themselves.

The lease agreement is to be signed by both the landlord and the tenant and is absolutely mandatory. This solves many problems that may arise sometime in the future.

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